Amelia George's story

“I encourage anyone considering an apprenticeship to look at the opportunities out there and then to take the next step and apply!”

Amelia George started an apprenticeship in primary school administration and enjoys the social aspect that working in a school brings…

“I first decided to do an apprenticeship when I was in my final year of A Levels. At the time I was watching my friends make the choice to go to university to study. I wasn’t sure if that was the path I wanted to take as I was still unsure what career I wanted in the future. My initial plan was to find an apprenticeship and gain some experience at work.

“I registered online for Vision Apprentices to see what career opportunities were available through the apprenticeship scheme. I came across the advertisement for my apprenticeship in primary school administration. I felt it would be an exciting opportunity to learn and develop new skills so I applied through the online application process and was invited for an interview.

“I was enthusiastic to start my apprenticeship as I had already been to the school for a work trial and had fallen in love with it. The staff were friendly and the environment felt warm and welcoming. Leaving school and starting full-time work felt a little daunting at first but the prospects also filled me with excitement.

“The application process was simple and easy to follow. Once I had found the apprenticeship I wanted to apply for I filled in the online form and was contacted within a few days. The staff at Vision Apprentices were supportive and encouraging which made the whole process easy. They explained each step of the process and helped me in any way they could.

“I have been fortunate to be given so many opportunities to develop my skills and confidence. I have not only learnt new skills in administration but have gained many social skills too.

“My role is very diverse which is one reason why I enjoy my job so much. A typical day ranges from administrative tasks such as producing letters and creating flyers, to delivering messages to pupils and performing first aid.

“I am a practical learner and have benefited greatly learning from my colleagues on the job. I now feel confident to complete tasks set for me on my own and have a range of experience to help me in any future job roles.

“One reason I was drawn to my apprenticeship was because it’s in a primary school. I’ve always enjoyed working with children and this gives me the opportunity to work alongside my colleagues whilst also having the interaction with the pupils.

“After working in my apprenticeship for five months I feel confident and content in my role. I am excited for the opportunities to come in the future. At the moment I am unsure about the path I intend to follow after my apprenticeship, however I am currently enjoying learning and expanding my knowledge of the industry.

“Through my apprenticeship I have gained independence with earning a wage as well as gaining a qualification at the same time. I have also met some inspiring people who have increased my confidence and helped my develop skills I didn’t know I had.

“I encourage anyone considering an apprenticeship to look at the opportunities out there and then to take the next step and apply!”