Chloe Bowers' story

“Learning while working at the same time is amazing, and you learn so much so quickly”

Chloe Bowers is currently undertaking an apprenticeship with SMB Consultancy, which provides sales, marketing and business support to small and medium-sized firms in Mansfield.

“When I first started my apprenticeship, I didn’t know what to expect. I hadn’t really heard much about apprenticeships before, as when I was at sixth form it all seemed to be geared towards going to university.

“On my first day I was excited and curious because I wasn’t sure what exactly I would be doing. By the end of my first week I loved it and was so glad I’d chosen to do an apprenticeship as I was learning on-the-job and gaining knowledge and experience.

“I thought the application process for apprenticeships was simple and easy. I thought the initial Functional Skills test was a great idea as it meant the apprenticeships were filtered to suit my skillset, and I knew which level I was working at.

“I was soon offered an interview and thought Vision Apprentices was very helpful in supporting me for this. They also called me afterwards to see how it went, which made me feel much more relaxed about the situation.

“I’ve learnt so many skills during my apprenticeship, from customer service and admin skills, to computer skills including Photoshop, social media, CRM software and updating the website.

“A typical day at work for me would include a variety of jobs, from checking emails and completing admin, to undertaking design work and creating and finding editorial to place in InDesign. I enjoy working in the publishing industry – particularly creating adverts and putting publications together; it’s very rewarding seeing them in print.

“I also have the opportunity to deal with customer queries, general questions and people ringing in with advert requests. I also keep the database up-to-date; inputting new customer information and creating new records.

“Training in a working environment has really helped me as an apprentice. The office is relaxed and there’s plenty of people around doing similar jobs who can offer great support. I absolutely love what I am doing and the level of skills and knowledge I’ve gained is incredible. I still feel like there is plenty more for me to learn.

“There are so many benefits of doing an apprenticeship. You gain skills without even realising as it just becomes part of your everyday job, and you enjoy it so much that you almost forget you’re learning all the time.

“I’d definitely recommend apprenticeships to others as it will be the best thing they ever do. Learning while working at the same time is amazing, and you learn so much so quickly.

“After my apprenticeship I’m hoping to stay in the same industry as I feel confident in the work and really enjoy what I do. I would maybe like to become a manager of a publication or a department. I’d also like to potentially work in the events industry. So far there hasn’t been a day where I haven’t enjoyed coming to work.”