The Facts

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships combine on-the-job training with study. Apprentices work towards nationally-recognised qualifications, whilst training alongside experienced employees to develop the practical skills needed for industry.

There are three levels of apprenticeships available (intermediate, advanced and higher) allowing you to train your workforce from shop floor to management.

Apprenticeships last between 1-4 years depending on the level of apprenticeship and industry area.

Apprenticeships can provide a cost-effective way of increasing your workforce

Why hire an apprentice?

Apprentices can add real value to the bottom line of your business.

Did you know? Almost 9 in 10 of every employer that takes on an apprentice report benefits to their business*

More and more businesses are hiring apprentices who are keen to learn and bring new ideas into the workplace. Here are just some of the reasons why an apprentice would be a good investment.

teaching in a classroom

New talent

Apprenticeships give your business the opportunity to inject new talent into your workforce and replace lost skills, coupled with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, backed up by an established and experienced provider.

Benefits to your business

Apprenticeships can provide a cost-effective way of increasing your workforce. The current National Minimum Wage (NMW) for apprentices is lower than the NMW for an average employee.

However, apprentices do not always have to be new recruits. You can invest in your current workforce, providing them with new training opportunities and skills to support your business to grow in todays competitive market.

As well as gaining access to a host of professional tools and resources, your business will directly benefit from any apprentice you employ. Here’s why:

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