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Emma Goss, general manager of Mansfield care home provider Innova House, knows apprenticeships are working well for her team of carers and support staff when they claim their jobs have “changed their lives” and they’d be “happy to retire there”.

As well as contributing to the personal success of its employees, apprenticeships are also benefitting the business, which provides high-quality care to people with dementia, autism, brain injuries and a range of physical disabilities.

Established more than 15 years ago, Innova House cares for over 30 people in its six residential homes. It also provides short-term rehabilitation care and domiciliary care to clients in their own properties.

Emma said: “Training staff in the health and social care setting is vital. We have to ensure everyone is as up-to-date as possible, especially as the regulations and criteria change quite regularly.

“We’ve been very lucky to have a great relationship with West Nottinghamshire College for many years now, and the teaching and learning has always been of a really high standard.

“In this sector, a hands-on approach to learning, training and assessment is an absolute must, and the college is brilliant at tailoring this to our company’s needs, as well as the needs of each employee.

“This is why, when we chose to provide apprenticeships to our staff, the college was the first choice to deliver them.”

Because Innova House supports service-users with specific needs, it requires training that is equally individual to its employees.

Health and social care apprentices David Hedley and Michael Haynes, both from Mansfield, are enjoying learning their professions ‘on-the-job’, which helps develop their practical skills and experience.

Michael, 40, likes the way his learning has been distinctly tailored on the level 2 (intermediate) apprenticeship which he completes next year.

He said: “I initially joined Innova House in a care role, having been unemployed for some time. I studied both the level 1 and 2 programmes and became a support worker. I then took-up maintenance duties, fixing all manner of things that can go wrong in a care home setting.

“I’ve been fortunate to combine my maintenance and support worker roles, and I have service-users working alongside me. It’s so rewarding being able to get them involved in tasks, which challenge both their practical and communication skills.

“It’s a huge change from any job I’ve had previously and I get so much pleasure from it. I really do feel like the apprenticeship is taking me places. I love it at Innova House – I’d happily retire here.”

Fellow apprentice David, 28, joined Innova House as a support worker two years ago and has progressed to a team-leader role. He is due to complete his level 3 (advanced) apprenticeship this summer.

He said: “I was given the opportunity to become a team-leader just three months into the job. It was great to have my skills recognised and be able to study an apprenticeship.

“The company motivates me to do well and no two days are the same. Seeing service-users thrive and progress in their lives really is the best feeling.”

Manager Emma insists seeing both her staff and clients happy gives her huge job satisfaction.

She said: “Michael and David clearly love their jobs and they’ve always got a smile on their faces. What they give to the residents of Innova House is priceless.

“I can wholeheartedly say the way the college works with our staff on their training is first-class. Interaction between students and tutors is consistent and clear, and learning on-the-job has benefits over being taught solely in a classroom because you can practice new ideas within the actual role.

“The government’s drive to create more apprenticeships can only benefit the health and social care sector. Companies like ours can’t help but thrive, with apprentices like Michael and David working with such passion and enjoyment.”

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