How Do They Compare

It’s important to know how apprenticeships compare with other qualifications that are available to your child. In the UK, all qualifications are given a ‘level’, which enables us to gauge all courses and training against well-known options such as A Levels, GCSEs and degrees. The table below shows how apprenticeships fit in with other qualifications.

Entry LevelEntry Level Certificate/Diploma
Level 1GCSE grades D-G, Introductory/Foundation Diploma
Level 2GCSE grades A-C, BTEC First Diploma, Intermediate Apprenticeship
Level 3A Level, BTEC National Diploma, Access to HE Diploma, Advanced Apprenticeship
Level 4Higher Apprenticeship
Level 5HNC, HND, Foundation Degree
Level 6Honours Degree (BA, BSc), Graduate Certificate/Diploma
Level 7Master’s Degree (MA, MSc), PG Dip, PG Cert, PGCE
Level 8Doctorate (PhD)
In the UK, all qualifications are given a ‘level’