Whatever our apprentices choose to do, we support them every step of the way, from recruitment to completion, and beyond.

Did you know that after finishing an apprenticeship, 7 out of 10 apprentices will stay on with their employer?*

Our apprentices have secured apprenticeships with a range of quality employers, and apprenticeship opportunities range from teaching assistants to administrators, construction workers to working in the hair and beauty industry.

Each apprentice receives specific training for their industry, working alongside those already experienced in their field, as well as gaining all-important work experience which will set them apart in future job or university applications.

On completion, apprentices can expect to continue on with their employer (at the employer’s discretion), seek a new employment opportunity, can choose to study another apprentice, or go into Higher Education.

*Statistic taken from gov.uk

As a Vision Apprentice, you’ll have access to:

  • Quality training (in the classroom, in the workplace and online)
  • An application process tailored to your needs
  • Help with CV and interview preparation for apprenticeships
  • Ongoing, valuable support from experienced staff

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Mechanic apprentice working on car Apprentice working at opticians

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