Apprentice Fabrication and Welding Assistant

Location: Sutton-in-Ashfield
Employer: ECS Engineering Services
Weekly pay: £233.70
Closing date: 30 July 2019
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Short description

To train in all areas of the Fabrication department and to be trained to carry out welding operations on fabricated and machined components in a variety of metals.

Full description

ECS Engineering Services has over 20 years' experience in delivering high quality, reliable and cost effective engineering solutions, specialising in bespoke design and construction of water, energy and environmental processing and management projects.Existing clients include the UK Water Utility companies, Government Agencies and Internal Drainage Boards, in addition to Building companies, Architects and other Fabrication companies with both larger and smaller capacities than ECS.The business is structured into four main divisions: Fabrications, Water Control, Site Services and Environmental.

To carry out plating operations during the fabrication of steel sections.

  • The plater is to study the drawings - 3834 and general notes issued. To ascertain the procedures required to complete the fabrication.
  • Platers must check the size of section against the drawing and check the overall length along with all pre-drilled holes.
  • Platers are to check they have all the relevant fittings for the items being fabricated; holes/plates should be dressed to ensure correct fit up. All areas which require welding should be dressed by mechanical means unless items have been shotblasted to provide a clean steel surface free of any mill scale, oil, etc.
  • The section is marked off for notching or the attachment of fittings as required. Any notches should have a small radius to prevent tearing of the steel.
  • Any flame cutting, grinding, tackĀ¬ welding or lifting operations should be carried out in a safe manner as per inĀ¬ house or trade training, compliant with all ECS procedures. All sections/items which require full strength joints are the plater's responsibility to ensure best possible joint to meet required WPS.
  • Platers are to mark weld sizes, load number, paint specification and any relevant information which will assist progression of the fabrication at later stages. The completed item is to be clearly identified by hard stamp in most cases in a position marked on drawing or most relevant position.
  • The plater should sign and date the manufacturing drawing and initial the route card to confirm all items are completed. All drawings along with the Route card are returned to the inspection bench. In the event of an item being part completed i.e.: welding is required prior to fabrication being complete the plater is to clearly identify on the drawing what stage fabrication is at prior to the item leaving his bench. This is to be done in conjunction with inspection team so as not to miss part finished items.
  • When fabricated items are complete they should be presented for final inspection prior to welding.

Health, Safety, and Environment

All ECS Procedures must be adhered to.

All Safe Systems of Work must be read, understood and adhered to.

Ensure you are authorised/trained prior to operating any equipment

Applicants will be required to attend an Assessment Centre with Vision Apprentices as part of the screening process.

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