Maintenance Caretaker Apprentice

Location: Top Valley
Employer: Park Vale Academy
Weekly pay: £241.88
Closing date: 31 October 2020
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Short description

To support the Premises Team to develop and maintain a secure, high quality, safe environment for staff, students and visitors

Full description

Park Vale Academy is sponsored by the Redhill Academy Trust. The Academy believe they offer something very special for both staff and students. Their core principles are based on

  1. High expectations of all students
  2. Valuing and celebrating academic achievement
  3. Consistently outstanding focused teaching
  4. Widening students' experiences through a range of extracurricular experiences, including sports, music and the performing arts

General School responsibilities

  • To act corporately at all times as directed
  • To effectively contribute towards the delivery of a high quality educational experience for all students, delivering services in a way that is appropriate and responsive and which displays the highest standards of customer care
  • To observe all School policies / procedures / working practices / regulations and in particular to comply with the School's Equality and Diversity Policy, Health and Safety Policy, Financial Regulations, Safeguarding Policy and the Code of Conduct
  • To undertake appropriate training and staff development
  • As part of the estates team, to be visible and accessible to staff.

Principal duties and responsibilities


  • To support the day-to-day operation of the School facilities
  • To be responsible for the security of the premises and its contents [including the operation of fire and burglar alarms and key holder responsibilities during working hours
  • To be responsible for lighting and cleaning of premises [including the maintenance and operation of plant and defined handyperson duties, replacement of and other duties arising from the use of premises
  • To be responsible for general handyperson duties including securing screws, hinges, doors etc lie good housekeeping] and any other general duty requested
  • To liaise with statutory authorities to ensure compliance with all statutory requirements as necessary
  • Removal of graffiti from internal and external surfaces where appropriate
  • Replacing consumable items and delivery of orders to the appropriate departments as required

Health and Safety

  • Under the supervision and direction of Site Manager or Site Supervisor, assist with the day to management of, monitoring of and risk assessing the operation of all the Academy's facilities, activities and services to meet the requirements of the Academy's Health and Safety Policy, including related risk control measures i.e. fire safety, legionella, asbestos, waste disposal, COSHH, statutory licences and electrical testing is managed and controlled effectively to meet current legislation, in conjunction with the FES managed service.
  • To ensure compliance with all aspects of fire legislation and good practice, to include adequate testing of evacuation procedures across all School sites and carrying out routine testing of alarms etc. as directed in conjunction with the FES managed service.
  • To actively promote a strong health and safety culture across the School
  • To ensure that school facilities meet the requirements of the Equality Act in relation to Disability and is accessible to all, taking responsible care for the health and safety of him/herself and of other persons who may be affected by his/her activities

Maintenance and Security

  • To contribute to the security of all premises and assets, including the safeguarding of students and staff as requested by the Site Manager.
  • To support the management of CCTV systems including monitoring and data protection. To attend to the intruder alarms where applicable. Boarding up and making secure the building [s] following acts of vandalism where appropriate.


  • To contribute to the Academy's cleaning facilities and ensure that appropriate cleaning services are in place across the school and are providing best value ensuring that equipment, procedures, policies and practices are in line with health and safety requirements and maintained and kept in good working order
  • Where required assist with the cleaning of internal areas


  • To carry out porterage duties as and when required by the establishment
  • Ensuring that all exterior hard surface including artificial/turfed areas are kept in a clean and tidy condition - including the emptying of litter baskets, the cleaning of drains and gulley's as required and the salting, de-icing of hard surface areas during the winter months and moving of snow to ensure access and egress to the premises
  • To be available and attend to the requirements of the hirers of the premises for the purpose of evening and weekend lettings. Setting out furniture, exam desks, meeting rooms etc as requested by the Site Manager or Site Supervisor.

Applicants will be required to attend an Assessment Centre with Vision Apprentices as part of the screening process.

The employer reserves the right to close this vacancy early should a suitable candidate be identified prior to the published closing date

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