Apprentice -Car Parts/Paint Assistant

Location: Sutton in Ashfield
Employer: PB Auto Factors
Weekly pay: £166
Closing date: 30 November 2020
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Short description

This busy car parts/paint retailer is looking to offer an apprenticeship position. We are looking for someone who is friendly, interested in what we do and most of all takes pride in all that they do.

Full description

A busy family run business in Sutton in Ashfield with a vast amount of loyal clients. A parts and accessories store which is busy all year round.

This is a busy parts/paint store for automotives, located in Sutton in Ashfield and open 6 days a week, serving trade and DIY customers. We get deliveries almost every day that need sorting and storing in the correct locations. We also need the displays and shelves in the store to be filled regularly. Whilst this may not seem like a very rewarding task, it's a great help in learning what stock the store sells and what it is used for. Stock rotation and general housekeeping would be included in this part of the role.

When you are comfortable, you'll begin to deal with customer enquiries. This might be telephone or on a face to face basis. As time passes, you'll be able to answer more and more questions about the stock you hold and the services you are able to provide.

Again, when you are comfortable and suitably trained you will start to liaise with customer orders. Again, these might be by telephone or face to face. It's important that you have an eye and an ear for detail so that orders are taken correctly and put through the order system effectively. You will receive full training on stock ordering systems.

When customers come into the store, they may be looking for help/advice or may have a specific request. Again, you will liaise with customers with regards to their needs and take payments accordingly.

Paint orders are an ever day part of the store services and whilst this is a computerised task, you do need to take care and have an eye for detail whilst mixing paints so that you minimise the risk of errors or wastage. You will be fully trained on using the paint mixing facilities.

As your knowledge and confidence grows within the role, you will be able to get involved in many more aspects of the business.

Applicants will be required to attend an Assessment Centre with Vision Apprentices as part of the screening process.

The employer reserves the right to close this vacancy early should a suitable candidate be identified prior to the published closing date

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